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Services and prices

  • Consultation35.00 €
  • Repeated consultation25.00 €
  • Gynecological ultrasonography25.00 €
  • Oncocytological analysis of the cervix with fluid cytology after Papanikolaou’s coloring(if with a letter of invitation, then free of charge)12.00 €
  • Determination of the human papillomavirus and its exact genotype35.00 €
  • Colposcopy (all included in the price, also morphological analysis)60.00 €
  • Taking aspirate from cavity of the womb30.00 €
  • Spiral injection (no spiral bid)30.00 €
  • Spiral removal10.00 €
  • Excision of the cervix with a loop or constitution (all included with anesthesia, morphological analysis and colposcopy)150.00 €